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4 Crazy Facts About Pests from a Professional Exterminator in Honolulu, HI

As pest control experts, we’re not only highly knowledgeable about the best ways to rid your home of pests, but we know ALL about the different pests that are invading your home or business. Being an expert in the field means knowing what you’re up against, and we’ve spent the time and research needed to learn all we need to know about the creepy creatures that invade your property. Here are a few crazy pest facts!

4 CRAZY Pest Facts from Professional Exterminator in Honolulu, HI

1. Ants vs. Humans

Ants outnumber humans 1.5 million to one! This means there are 10 quadrillion ants on the planet in comparison to only seven billion humans. How many ants have you seen walking around? For every ant you see, there are thousands of them underground in colonies, and the members of these colonies are able to communicate with each other very quickly when a food source is found. That’s why you need expert pest control from a professional exterminator in Honolulu, HI in order to keep the colony from returning!

2. There’s Norway That’s a Rat

The most common rats in the United states are Norway rats and roof rats, and properly identifying the species of a rat invading your home or business is the first step in successful elimination. The Norway rat is much larger in comparison to the roof rat, and the roof rat has much larger eyes and ears than a Norway rat.

3. Roaches – Are They Really Immortal?

While roaches certainly aren’t immortal, they can live up to 10 days without their head! They can also survive for months at a time with very little food or water, and prefer to live in dark, secluded environments like garages or basements. Roaches can carry harmful bacteria and disease, so it’s crucial to expel them immediately with the help of a professional exterminator in Honolulu, HI.

4. Are Spiders Insects?

Even though many people would put spiders into the category of insects, spiders are actually arachnids. While insects have six legs, arachnids have eight. Spiders also have several pairs of eyes. Their cousins include scorpions, mites, and even ticks. Spiders like to dwell in secluded places where it’s easier for them to catch their prey.

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