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A Holiday Disaster- Why You Need a Pest Inspection Before The Holidays - Honolulu, HI

A Holiday Disaster- Why You Need a Pest Inspection Before The Holidays - Honolulu, HI
We all know those nasty pests that constantly bother us in our homes, but what do we do about them?“When you see one pest, it’s easy to just get rid of it and forget about it…but what happens when they continue to show up?”  But what if you encounter these pests during the holiday season?

Picture This

Imagine yourself preparing for the holidays we know it can be the most stressful time of the year, but also the best time of year. This year, you are that one person who volunteers to have the holiday at your house. You have spent days preparing home for the family to come over and you are so excited. You have bought all the food and even bought decorations. Your house is finally prepared, and everything has fallen together! BUT, you start to see ants pop up all over the house. You shrug it off and forget about it. As the days leading up to the holiday get closer and closer, you notice more and more ants around the house; it’s an infestation! At this moment, you begin to panic, what can you do? Call Able Pest Management for a pest inspection in Honolulu, HI, of course!

Help Is Here

At Able Pest Management, we specialize in several services, including the inspection and extermination of termites, bed bugs, roaches, ants, fleas and ticks, spiders, bees and wasps, rodents, and more. Once we inspect your home, we can decide how to exterminate the pests. We offer a liquid residential spray, specifically for ants and roaches which has no odor so your guests will never have to know! Additionally, we offer insect baits, granules and spot foggers as other options to exterminate pests such as ants and roaches. 

The Best Holiday 

This year, have a pest-free holiday. Don’t have that constant worry about the pests coming out and scaring your guests. After all the time, money and effort spent on setting up the perfect day or evening with your guests, the last thing to ruin it would be some ants. Let us at Able Pest Management deal with the stress of ridding your home of pests and have that wonderful holiday you have been dreaming of. 

Able Pest Company

At Able Pest Management we suggest getting regular pest inspections in Honolulu, HI, especially before the holidays so you can avoid the situation above. As said before, don’t let some tiny ants ruin a day or evening that you have been planning for so long. We strive to keep you and your home pest free, which is why we provide personalized service for every situation. Enjoy your holiday and let us worry about those pests! Call us soon to get your pest inspection in Honolulu, HI before the holidays catch up to you!
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Able Pest Management LLC is licensed and certified in the state of Hawaii to provide the best pest control for the unique needs of our clients. We take the time to communicate with our customers about the pest control methods that would best solve their pest problems and be safest for their families, clients or properties. We build relationships that keep our valued customers coming back, and keep their houses or commercial properties protected.

Our team recognizes that some pest problems, like termites, can be especially urgent. That is why we provide a 24-hour termite inspection policy while many other pest control companies may take 3 to 4 days. We help to quickly and effectively handle your pest problem so that you can rest assured that it’s under control.

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    We manage numerous commercial warehouses on Oahu. For the past four years, Able Pest Management LLC has handled all of our pest control problems for the properties we manage. Able Pest Management LLC do an excellent job. They are always on time and easily accessible.
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  • Thank all of you for a tremendous job!

    This is to let your management team that I am very happy with what Jay Pan has done here at PHK to eliminate the roaches. As you know the roach problem when I came here back in June 2013 was at epidemic stages. The pump room and main trash room was infested with roaches as well as roaches being in almost every common area of PHK. With Jay’s expertise and diligence and over a few months of fogging and treatment, the roaches have all but disappeared and PHK is not a roach haven anymore. I am deeply grateful for Jay’s professional expertise and diligence and want Able to know of the excellent work he has done. Thank all of you for a tremendous job!
    - Mike Souza, Resident Manager | Plaza Hawaii Kai

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