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When You Know You Need An Exterminator in Honolulu Hawaii

One of the most compelling arguments came from one of our clients; this is when he knew he had a problem. Hawaii is home to a lot of creepy critters: cockroaches, centipedes, cane spider, wasps, fire ants, assassin bugs, you name it. All of the aforementioned insects can give anybody the chills, especially when they…

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What You Need to Know – Fruit Fly Pest Inspection Honolulu, Hawaii

Sometimes in the spring, it can seem like fruit flies are totally inevitable. It’s the time of year when everyone wants fresh fruit around their homes! But fruit flies aren’t JUST looking for fruit. They come around for basically any type of sticky, wet, or forgotten food items. Understanding the nature of fruit flies and…

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I am the Exterminator – Termite Control in Honolulu

It’s a typical December night. You’re nestled in your fluffy pajama pants while your new puppy plays happily on the floor. You’re on your fourth run of “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” because the kids insist you play it over and over again. As you get up to grab the tray of cookies that have been…

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Sentricon Termite Elimination System: Termite Control Honolulu, HI

Termites are one of the most harmful pests a homeowner can face. They’re tiny but determined, and these mites would love nothing more than to feast on the structures of your home. How do you prevent termite damage before it’s too late? We’re glad you asked. Let’s talk about termite control in Honolulu, HI. Identify their Primary…

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Spider Senses: Pest Control Service in Honolulu

It’s time to do the unthinkable, the unfathomable, the ever-dreaded task of cleaning out the garage. There are stacks of boxes, ancient newspapers, and even an old bicycle you haven’t touched since 1987. How did you accumulate this much stuff? You start lifting box after box and organizing the items into piles. Your hand reaches for the…

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Get Rid of Those Roaches: Pest Control Honolulu, HI

Hawaii is one of the world’s top get away destinations. It’s a U.S state that comprises six main islands deep in the heart of the Pacific with Honolulu being the biggest city and also the capital. Hawaii is renowned all around the globe thanks to its scenic landscapes. The tropical climate in Honolulu favors the growth and…

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Trouble with Centipedes: Pest Control Company Honolulu Hawaii

Centipedes Invade Honolulu Homes  Centipedes like to hide in dark, damp areas, especially during the daytime. Each centipede has a vastly different physical composition from other centipedes. They can live for 1 to 6 years, and, despite the word centipede meaning “100 legs,” they can have as few as 15 and as many as 200…

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