Commercial Pest Control in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Our team at Able Pest Management LLC knows the importance of keeping your commercial property pest free. We are dedicated to keeping you, your employees and your customers happy and healthy with our specially-designed commercial pest control treatment programs. By assessing your pest control needs and using the best possible method of pest control treatment and protection, our consistent yet customized approach offers proven results for your hotel, restaurants or properties for rent. With our professional, reliable service, you can be sure that it's under control.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Here at Able Pest Management LLC, we are dedicated to assuring that your Honolulu, HI commercial property is a safe, enjoyable space for you and your customers. We treat bakeries, hotels, churches, properties for rent and much more. Whether you need a pest inspection, pest extermination or prevention services, we will select from our variety of pest control methods to create the perfect treatment program for your unique property and problem. Our professional, reliable staff is ready to provide the best pest control methods for your business.

Our commercial pest control services use a great deal of fogging to eliminate large quantities of pests in commercial spaces. It is often the most efficient and effective method of eliminating pests from commercial properties. Fogging and other methods of commercial pest control require a great deal of preparation for space. Our staff will work with you to make sure that your commercial property is prepared for whatever pest control service is best for your business.

The Honolulu pests we treat include roaches, millipedes, ants, spiders, wasps, centipedes, silverfish, mites, fleas, ticks, rats and mice. No matter what your commercial property may be or what pests are plaguing you, Able Pest Management LLC is here to help create a pest control treatment that is suited to your business needs. If you are concerned about a pest problem in your property, you can trust Able Pest Management LLC to make sure that it’s under control.

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General Pest Control Services
Liquid Residual Sprays

Protect the surfaces of your business with liquid residual pest control sprays. This is a lasting, safe and odorless treatment to protect your commercial property from pests.

Dust Residuals

Dust residuals provide a way to eliminate pests in the places they may hide or gain access to your commercial property, including junction boxes and electrical outlets. This is a long-lasting pest control treatment to protect you and your customers.

Crack & Crevice Treatment

Roaches are a major problem in a commercial property, and they may be hiding where you cannot see. Crack & crevice pest control treatments utilize a liquid solution that clears them from these hiding places and provides lasting protection.

Insect Baits

If you have an insect infestation on your commercial property, insect baits can make sure the problem is under control with the help of insect growth regulators. These protect you and your customers by preventing roaches and ants from breeding in the future.


Granular pest control treatments can help with the control of insect activity on your lawn and other outdoor commercial properties. These provide additional control in combination with another pest control method.

Spot Foggers

One of the most common and efficient pest control treatments for commercial properties, spot foggers clear large areas of ants and roaches. They are even effective at removing pests from hiding places.

Termite Control Services
Termidor Liquid Treatment

Termidor is an odorless liquid pest control solution that is safe for any pets, plants and people that may be around your commercial property. It eliminates subterranean termites by treating the soil where the colonies live.

Bait Systems

Monitors and eliminates any subterranean termite activity.

Our Sentricon bait systems are a method of eliminating subterranean termite colonies on your commercial property. They allow you to treat the soil and monitor any further termite activity near your business.

Localized Treatments

Our localized termite control treatments utilize a multitude of residuals, including liquid and dust residuals, to treat specific locations in your commercial property that are susceptible to drywood termite problems.

West Indian Drywood Termite

Cryptotermes brevis Characteristics – Soldiers (shown left) measure 3/8-inch in length; male and female reproductives grow to 1/2-inch long. During the winged stage there are four equal size wings that extend longer than the body by 1/8- to 1/4-inch.

Color: Pale brown.

List of Industries Served

  • Food Establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Deli's
  • Bakeries
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Food Handling Vehicles
  • Supermarkets
  • Libraries
  • Condominiums & Townhouse Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Theaters
  • Shopping Malls
  • Night Clubs
  • Recreation Centers
  • Military Offices & Housing
  • Office Buildings
  • Community Centers

Why Choose Our Pest Control Company?

Able Pest Management LLC is licensed and certified in the state of Hawaii to provide the best pest control for the unique needs of our clients. We take the time to communicate with our customers about the pest control methods that would best solve their pest problems and be safest for their families, clients or properties. We build relationships that keep our valued customers coming back and keep their houses or commercial properties protected.

Our team recognizes that some pest problems, like termites, can be especially urgent. That is why we provide a 24-hour termite inspection policy while many other pest control companies may take 3 to 4 days. We help to quickly and effectively handle your pest problem so that you can rest assured that it’s under control.

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Our Happy Pest Control Customers

"Able Pest Management LLC has handled all of our pest control problems."

We manage numerous commercial warehouses on Oahu. For the past four years, Able Pest Management LLC has handled all of our pest control problems for the properties we manage. Able Pest Management LLC do an excellent job. They are always on time and easily accessible.

- Jim York, York & Co.

"We have used Able Pest Exterminators almost exclusively now for over five years."

The quality of their service is great, timeliness awesome, prices are fair and their integrity is beyond reproach.

- Carl Frazier, Realtor and Property Manager.

"Our company has used the services of Able Pest Exterminators for over four years."

We use Able Pest Exterminators because they are the most reliable company we have ever used. Even in situations when we needed a report within 24 hours, they always came through.

- Scott Fujiwara, Island Realtors

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