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Get Rid of Those Roaches: Pest Control Honolulu, HI

Hawaii is one of the world’s top get away destinations. It’s a U.S state that comprises six main islands deep in the heart of the Pacific with Honolulu being the biggest city and also the capital. Hawaii is renowned all around the globe thanks to its scenic landscapes. The tropical climate in Honolulu favors the growth and development of many different pests that can become a major concern to homes and businesses.


Some of the most common rodents are mice and rats. These are very dangerous to both business entrepreneurs and homeowners alike. Imagine waking up on a beautiful sunny morning ready for work. After you have taken a warm bath and are about to put on your favorite outfit for the day, you realize it has a hole in it. That would probably ruin the entire day. Apart from clothes, rats and mice also nibble on the food you have stored in the house. This could cause serious health problems to you and your family, and therefore, it is important to control these rodents.


Termites are another pest that can be a pain to any homeowner or businessperson. These are also very common in Honolulu. Termites’ favorite meal is dry wood. This implies that if not well controlled, all of your wooden furniture, your kitchen and bedroom fittings, and the house at large are all at risk of being destroyed by termites.


The worst type of pest that is found in Honolulu, Hawaii are cockroaches. Cockroaches can taint the image of your business. These small bugs crawl and fly across rooms and hide in cracks in walls or furniture. Although they don’t have any venom and aren’t known to bite often, they can be a source of embarrassment and possible loss of business. Most people associate roaches with dirtiness (and for good reason). It’s important to contact a pest control company as soon as you see traces of cockroaches in your home or business.


Here are some of the tips for pest control in Honolulu, HI that can be applied in order to reduce and eradicate pests from your home or business.

• Cleanliness – Always ensure your house is kept clean as well as your clothes. It’s important to note that before storing your clothes you ensure they have fully dried.
• Regular checks and inspection – Make it a habit to regularly inspect your house or business for broken windows or cracks that may act as entry points for pests.
• Ventilation – Ensure your house is well ventilated. Most pests like dark and stuffy places, and if you minimize these, then you are one step closer to eradicating and/or preventing pests from taking up residence in the first place.