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Able Pest Management

I am the Exterminator – Termite Control in Honolulu

It’s a typical December night. You’re nestled in your fluffy pajama pants while your new puppy plays happily on the floor. You’re on your fourth run of “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” because the kids insist you play it over and over again. As you get up to grab the tray of cookies that have been cooling in the kitchen, you notice a few small, white, ant-like insects near your wooden stairs. Suddenly, you notice areas where the wood has deteriorated quickly. This could only mean one thing: *cue dramatic theme music* TERMITES.

You know, nothing quite says “Happy Holidays” like the realization that a band of runaway termites are invading the structure of your home – am I right? Okay, maybe not. If you’ve noticed signs of termites, you’re probably feeling panicked, disgusted, and possibly in a state of shock. Have no fear! The Exterminators are here to save the day with termite control in Honolulu!

Our Secret Weapon: The Sentricon Termite Elimination System

Not only does Able Pest Management have years of extermination knowledge and expertise about termite control in Honolulu on their side, they now have the help of the Sentricon Termite Elimination System!

The Sentricon Elimination System is unlike any termite extermination system before it. Instead of detecting termites directly, the Sentricon stations are hidden within the home, and termites are naturally drawn to the areas in which they are located. Termites stumble upon these systems while they are hunting for food sources, and the highly desirable but poisonous bait contained in the Sentricon system will attract termites in a short amount of time. Since the bait is slow-acting, the termites have time to take the bait back to the rest of their colony, which allows the lethal food source to be distributed throughout the entire band of termites.

The Sentricon Termite Elimination System is unique because it utilizes the natural behavior of termites instead of using outdated techniques that will disrupt your home and lifestyle. So instead of spending hours of fruitless hours trying to track down the termites in your home, think smarter with the Sentricon Elimination System!

Hasta La Vista, Pest Problem!

Able Pest Management is a proud carrier of the Sentricon Termite Elimination System to aid in our termite control in Honolulu. Our highly trained professionals will install this system upon your request, answer all questions related to termite extermination procedures, and ensure that your termites are eliminated as soon as possible. If you’re in need of The Exterminator, call Able Pest management at (808) 953-2253. Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, your termites won’t be back.