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Other Pest Services

Able Pest Management offers quality pest control in Honolulu, HI for a variety of miscellaneous pests.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish are tiny, nocturnal insects that are about 12mm long and feed on carbohydrates like glue in books and dead insects. They are often found in bathtubs and sinks.

Unfortunately, DIY silverfish treatments are largely ineffective. For the best results with silverfish control treatment, call one of Able Pest’s professional pest control experts in Honolulu, HI.

Centipede Control

able pest management llc honolulu centipede control services

The name centipede is literally translated into “100 legs,” a fitting name for the multi-legged insect in the Chilopoda class. Centipedes can have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs. They're elongated with segmented bodies. Centipedes prefer to hide in dark, secluded, wet areas, particularly during the chillier months of the year. Most centipedes will enter homes or offices, but they’ll generally do so at night. This is why it’s common to notice centipedes earlier in the morning in areas that tend to be damper – like bathrooms, closets, crawlspaces, etc.

Elimination of centipedes starts with elimination of their food source. This may involve removing the source that is attracting centipedes to your home in the first place. Take care to reduce moisture, seal entry points, and set sticky traps to further reduce the presence of this particular pest.

Mite Control

able pest management llc honolulu mite controlMites are tiny arachnids (1mm or less), and there are many different variations of this one species. An infestation can be difficult to notice because of the size of these pests—some of them can’t be seen at all by the naked eye. The bright red clover mite can occasionally be seen scurrying across the page of a book or magazine. The types of mite species that feed on plants can be detected via plant discoloration and degeneration, and they can also produce webbing similar to a spider. Let Able Pest Management take care of mite infestations with our quality pest control in Honolulu, HI.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Company?

Able Pest Management LLC is licensed and certified in the state of Hawaii to provide the best pest control for the unique needs of our clients. We take the time to communicate with our customers about the pest control methods that would best solve their pest problems and be safest for their families, clients or properties. We build relationships that keep our valued customers coming back and keep their houses or commercial properties protected.

Our team recognizes that some pest problems, like termites, can be especially urgent. That is why we provide a 24-hour termite inspection policy while many other pest control companies may take 3 to 4 days. We help to quickly and effectively handle your pest problem so that you can rest assured that it’s under control.

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Our Happy Pest Control Customers

"Able Pest Management LLC has handled all of our pest control problems."

We manage numerous commercial warehouses on Oahu. For the past four years, Able Pest Management LLC has handled all of our pest control problems for the properties we manage. Able Pest Management LLC do an excellent job. They are always on time and easily accessible.

- Jim York, York & Co.

"We have used Able Pest Exterminators almost exclusively now for over five years."

The quality of their service is great, timeliness awesome, prices are fair and their integrity is beyond reproach.

- Carl Frazier, Realtor and Property Manager.

"Our company has used the services of Able Pest Exterminators for over four years."

We use Able Pest Exterminators because they are the most reliable company we have ever used. Even in situations when we needed a report within 24 hours, they always came through.

- Scott Fujiwara, Island Realtors

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