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Trouble with Centipedes: Pest Control Company Honolulu Hawaii

Centipedes Invade Honolulu Homes

 Centipedes like to hide in dark, damp areas, especially during the daytime. Each centipede has a vastly different physical composition from other centipedes. They can live for 1 to 6 years, and, despite the word centipede meaning “100 legs,” they can have as few as 15 and as many as 200 legs. Sizes also vary from 4mm to 152mm. Many do not have eyes, but others can have 200 optical units! All centipedes, however, have poor vision, so their highly sensitive antennae are used to feel around and search for prey. They eat soft-bodied insects like spiders, worms, and even other centipedes.

As long as they are left alone, centipedes are not aggressive toward humans. But if they feel threatened, they may bite, leaving two puncture wounds and a small injection of venom. Their venom is intended for paralyzing their prey, so a centipede bite will only typically cause a bit of swelling around the wound, and in worse cases, the entire limb may become swollen. Their bites are not usually life threatening, but they can be painful.

Pest Control Company Honolulu, Hawaii

The first thing to do when you discover signs of a centipede infestation is to call a pest control company in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our 15 years of experience will help you gain a foothold in the war against pests. Every home is different, both in its layout and in what problem actually needs addressed. For this reason, there is no one way to do the job, so we will develop a custom-tailored battle plan for protecting your home or business.

As we’ve just discussed, there are a variety of ways that centipede infestations can be controlled. We will need to inspect your home both inside and out for the best plan in order to achieve the best results. It won’t likely require any bothersome or invasive procedures.

The best method is to take away their food supply and/or hiding places. This can involve the elimination of other pests so the centipedes have no way to sustain themselves. We may also advise you to rearrange your furniture or storage areas to prevent the accumulation of moisture and to take away hiding places for centipedes. A combination of efforts is recommended for the maximum elimination and prevention of any centipede presence in your home or business.

If you’re ready to take your first step toward a centipede-free home or business, please give Able Pest Management a call at (808) 953-2253.