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What You Need to Know – Fruit Fly Pest Inspection Honolulu, Hawaii

Sometimes in the spring, it can seem like fruit flies are totally inevitable. It’s the time of year when everyone wants fresh fruit around their homes! But fruit flies aren’t JUST looking for fruit. They come around for basically any type of sticky, wet, or forgotten food items. Understanding the nature of fruit flies and how to battle them will help you keep your home fly-free!

Pest Inspection Honolulu, Hawaii – Why You Have Fruit Flies

There is a multitude of reasons why these pests come around. You could have fruit or vegetables that have recently gone bad and they’ve begun to ferment. Crumbs of food that have fallen onto your floor and are now out of sight can be a beacon for fruit flies. Other reasons include: your garbage disposal hasn’t been run in a while, there are sticky liquids lying around your home (empty beer, juice or soda bottles that haven’t been properly disposed of) or your cleaning supplies (like dish towels or mops) have bits of food stuck to them. These environments are where fruit flies thrive and breed. At the first sight of a fruit fly, a pest inspection in Honolulu, Hawaii may be necessary.

Get Them Outta Here!

To rid your home of fruit flies, general hygiene in addition to Honolulu pest inspection is required. Daily cleaning regimens may not be enough if your home already has an infestation of these little buggers. Heavy cleaning like moving your refrigerator to clean underneath may be required. Make sure you purchase cleaning products that sanitize to ensure that all bacteria are removed from every surface.
Empty out your cabinets and wipe down all surfaces, making sure there are no old fruits or vegetables lying around. When purchasing produce, inspect each item carefully to ensure that there are no pieces that are already fermenting. Some common items that go bad relatively quickly are any type of berry, bananas, green beans, and broccoli. Purchasing fruit and vegetables that aren’t ripe yet gives you more time to consume them at home. If you don’t use your produce right away, consider freezing them before they turn bad.
Running your garbage disposal regularly is necessary for keeping your home clean and preventing blockage. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, make sure you run clean water down your drains. Additionally, throw out your trash often. Keeping a smaller bin will help you do so. Regularly dispose of juice and soda containers. A good way to keep your home extra clean is to only eat and drink in your kitchen, keeping food out of other areas of your home. Nobody wants to have to conduct a pest inspection in their bedroom!
In summary, good cleansing habits will save the day. Since it’s springtime, why not consider spring cleaning your kitchen? You might thank us when you don’t see one single fruit fly this season. We know life can get busy and things get in the way. If this happens, a pest inspection in Honolulu, Hawaii could be the solution you’ve been needing.