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When You Know You Need An Exterminator in Honolulu Hawaii

One of the most compelling arguments came from one of our clients; this is when he knew he had a problem. Hawaii is home to a lot of creepy critters: cockroaches, centipedes, cane spider, wasps, fire ants, assassin bugs, you name it. All of the aforementioned insects can give anybody the chills, especially when they are in your home. However, one of our clients truly had an unsettling encounter with a centipede. He had recently moved to Honolulu from Chicago. But when he moved into his new home he did not realize he had a centipede infestation. As described, he would kill one every two days, at least. He is not at all a squeamish individual but from his encounter, he screamed like a little girl.

Way Too Close For Comfort

The story goes like this. Gregg came home from a long day’s work. Gregg unpacked his briefcase, poured himself a drink, and changed into something casual. He headed to his patio to enjoy the view and watch the sunset. After having a few cocktails while watching the sunset fade passed the horizon he decided that a shower was a good idea before dinner. As he stepped into the shower he noticed a house centipede on his ceiling on the far side of his bathroom. He thought nothing of it. As he showered, he checked to see if it was still there, it wasn’t. After he turned off his shower he grabbed a towel that was on a rack right outside and started to dry off. Gregg liked to remain in the shower basin so that he wouldn’t get too much water on the bathroom floor. As he let the water roll off his body he noticed something was crawling up. He thought, “Water doesn’t go up.” He knocked off the reversing water drop only to notice that it was a centipede. Gregg never knew his voice could register that high of a pitch but that is when he knew he needed to call an exterminator in Honolulu, Hawaii. Talk about too close for comfort.

Greggs Cautionary Tale

We tell this story as a cautionary tale. We doubt you’ll ever have a mortifying encounter like this one but it just goes to show that it could happen. To avoid any situation that is even remarkably close to a situation like this it is important to have your home inspected by exterminators in Honolulu, Hawaii.
We encounter clients with a broad range of infestations from rodents, termites, to general pests that exterminators in Honolulu, Hawaii know how to solve. Our friendly service and expertise are well known and we work tirelessly to make sure that creepy critters stay outside where they belong.