Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: The Effective Control Solution For Your Honolulu Home

bed bug on furniture

Bed bug control is a key component of Honolulu pest control. Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, and it’s not uncommon for them to hitchhike with travelers. These pests are a serious concern for hotels and residences alike, and effective bed bug control can be difficult. This guide will introduce you to bed bug detection, the problems that an infestation can bring, and key prevention tips that can help you avoid future infestations.

Bed Bug Detection: How To Spot And Confirm An Infestation

It’s important to positively identify a bed bug infestation before proceeding any further. Knowing exactly what type of pest you’re dealing with is the most important step in solving the problem. Fortunately, there are telltale signs of a bed bug infestation that you can search for around your home. 

You may notice brown stains in fabrics around the home, especially bed sheets and the upholstery of furniture. Bed bugs also leave eggs in the places they tend to hide, and they often hide in the seams of fabric or furniture. If you look hard enough, you may even be able to see a live bed bug. They have oval-shaped bodies and they’re incredibly small. Of course, the most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation is bed bug bites, which tend to happen and night and leave small red marks on your skin.

Bed Bug Problems: They Aren't Just Going To Go Away

How long do bed bugs live? Bed bugs typically live for around a year, and they can live for months at a time without feeding. In other words, if you have a bed bug infestation, it’s a problem that’s not just going to go away. 

Bed bug bites are one of the most serious issues when it comes to infestations, making it all the more important to get in touch with professionals who can handle the problem quickly and efficiently. Where do bed bugs like to bite? They don’t have a specific preference for parts of the body but rather focus on areas of exposed skin, which usually includes the neck, parts of the arms, and torso. Bed bug bites aren’t just annoying, they’re also itchy and potentially painful, and worst of all, they make it very difficult to sleep. This is why bed bug control techniques for your home are essential. 

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: Contact The Pros Right Away

With all this information in mind, what is the best treatment for bed bugs? While it is technically possible to attempt bed bug control and eradication on your own, professional treatment options are the best available. It takes real time and dedication to track down and remove all the bed bugs in your home, and if you miss even just a few of them, the infestation could soon return to its previous strength. 

If you are currently experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home, please consider reaching out and talking with Able Pest Management about how we can serve your needs. 

Long-Term Bed Bug Prevention: Tips To Prevent Reinfestation

To keep bed bugs away in the future, use the following prevention tips:

  • Keep your home clean to cut down on potential bed bug hiding places. 
  • If you’re concerned about an infestation returning quickly, use protective couch and chair covers to stop bed bugs from hiding in the upholstery. 
  • Block off small openings underneath doors and around windows. 
  • Vacuum your home often to pick up stray hitchhiking bed bugs that may have recently entered your home. 
  • Always check used furniture and clothing for bed bugs before bringing them into your home. 

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