Is It Dangerous To Have Mice In My Honolulu Home?

a house mouse crawling on a floor

Invasive, clever, elusive, prolific, and often adorable: these are all some of the terms used to describe the common house mouse. They're one of Honolulu's most common home invaders. But make no mistake, they're also one of the most dangerous pests we face. 

The Mouse Risk

Mice carry their own diseases. The CDC has named dozens of diseases that mice in Honolulu can carry, but that's not where the hazards of a mouse infestation stop! Mice also carry fleas, and fleas have their own list of diseases. According to the CDC, many of these diseases are not curable and are without known treatments.  

Beyond the threat of diseases, mice will even cause structural damage to your Honolulu home. 

Mice Are Cute, Fast And Dangerous.

Mice are small and fast. When you see them, you rarely see more than a fleeting glimpse of the mouse darting behind something. The first time people see a mouse in their house, they often report a sensation of shock and fear. This is natural. We instinctively recognize the risk.

When we see a house mouse up close, however, it’s hard to believe the damage they can cause. This may be because, in appearance only, they can be very cute animals. House mice are usually brown with pink noses and feet. 

Despite their harmless appearance, mice begin to damage homes while searching for nesting materials, and food, and leaving behind fecal matter. 

Mice Are Here, There And Everywhere.

Honolulu house mice are very common. By being closer to nature we tend to ignore the mice we see outside. Outside they have a place in our isolated and balanced ecosystem. Particularly, they have an important role as food to many types of birds of prey.  But when they're in our homes, they are a great risk to our health and our property. All it takes is a tiny hole in your house to allow for mice infestation. And if there is not already a hole, mice can chew one. 

Mice Love To Chew

The common house mouse's front teeth are always growing. Therefore they are always chewing and gnawing whatever they can find to keep their teeth filed down. 

Mice constantly chew through vinyl water pipes, electrical wiring, drywall, and even communication lines. They often destroy carpets and clothing with their teeth when gathering fluffy material for their nests. 

You should never attempt to grab one with your hands. Though uncommon, they can bite you and transmit unwanted diseases. 

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice can be clever. They can learn how to avoid capture. Once you see a single mouse in your Honolulu house, there's a good chance there are many more mice just out of sight. This is because they are good at staying hidden in your walls, behind your appliances, or in other areas of your home. 

It’s Important To Eliminate Mice

Beyond the dangers they cause to your health, mice cause a host of other problems for Honolulu residents:

  • Mice have been known to cause house fires and they've been known to flood homes as they chew through piping and wires. 
  • They will chew up cherished possessions like old books, family heirlooms, stored cash, and collectibles. 
  • Mice are prolific breeders, created by nature to reproduce
  • Mice can invade your home through the smallest openings. Once they're inside your house, they rapidly reproduce. Mice reproduce as fast as many insects do.

Call Able Pest Management Now

If you've seen a mouse in your house or simply found evidence of them, you must get them out of your home quickly. These clever rodents will learn to avoid capture, and therefore, it takes an experienced touch to get rid of mice the right way the first time. 

Fortunately, our experts at Able Pest Management know how to control your mouse problem. Reach out to us today!

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