The Trick To Spotting Signs Of Termites On Your Honolulu Property

subterranean termites crawling and chewing wood

To keep your Honolulu property safe from pests, you might take a few precautions. But Honolulu property owners in the area often forget to protect against one of the most damaging invaders - termites. Before you get started on termite prevention, learn how to identify a termite problem. The knowledge could help you stop an infestation before it gets out of hand. 

The Importance Of Early Detection

Why is it so crucial to stop an infestation in the early stages? Every year, termites cause significant damage to homes and businesses across the country. They rely on cellulose for nutrition and feed on the wood in your structure. Unfortunately, this can do significant damage. When termites get into a building, it's only a matter of time before they cause structural damage. They could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Sadly, termites are usually silent invaders. They don't take long to explode their population, but they manage to do so quietly. Unlike some other pests in Honolulu, termites don't announce their presence. They hide in your walls and remain invisible unless you know what to look for. 

Signs Of Termites In Honolulu

Termites don't often come into plain sight. If you want to know about a termite infestation in your home or business, you need to be on the lookout for other signs. That means looking out for all of the following:

  • Frass - The technical word for termite droppings is frass. If you have dry wood termites in your walls, you might see piles of frass on the floor. They push their droppings out of their tunnels, and the frass often ends up in a pile on your floor. Usually, frass resembles salt and pepper grounds. 
  • Tight Doors And Windows - As termites munch on your wood, they create moisture, causing problems for your doors and windows. The wood around your fittings expands, making it difficult for doors and windows to open. If you're wondering why your windows are suddenly difficult to open, consider placing the blame on termites. While there could be other causes of this, don't be so quick to think the house is settling. To be certain you don't have termites, you can schedule an inspection.
  • Knocking In Your Walls - It's a little-known fact that termites communicate with one another. Although they don't yell across the house like your kids might, termites have ways of communicating. Termites bang their heads against tunnel walls to indicate a threat. If you bang on your wall and put your ear up against it, you may hear a dry rattling noise.  
  • Seeing A Swarmer - If you see a group of flying termites in your yard, you could have an infestation that demands immediate attention. Typically, people see swarmers after termites take over a property. It's possible the invaders came from a neighbor's property, but they could land and colonize near your wooden structures. 
  • Pile Of Wings - When a swarmer is ready to land and colonize, the termites lose their wings. So, that large pile of wings isn't a mystery anymore. It could be from a reproductive swarmer expanding its colony and is a sign for you to act swiftly before the pests destroy your home or business.

The Trick To Finding Termites

Even with this new knowledge, you might not realize you have termites on your property. The one thing you can do to be certain no termites are lurking in your walls is to work with a pest control company. Here at Able Pest Management, our professionals provide detailed home inspections. We can check for termites regularly and take precautions to prevent future infestations. To keep your property safe, contact us. 

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