How Can I Tell If My Honolulu Home Is At-Risk For Ants?

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It's tricky for most homeowners to contend with ants determined to get inside their property. Small holes, gaps, cracks, and crevices around your home's exterior allow these tiny bugs to enter. The best way to defend against ants and infestations is to call a professional Honolulu pest control company for solutions.

Preventing ants from descending upon your property requires effective pest control treatments and removing incentives to linger. When your home has attractants that you fail to remove, it's easier for ants to continue to breed, thrive, and spread throughout your abode.

Getting rid of ants requires professional products, applying exclusion methods, and staying vigilant. Unfortunately, relying on essential oils, homemade traps, and conventional pest control products isn't effective enough to eliminate these pests. When you sign up for home pest control treatments, follow-up treatments keep ants away longer.

Why Ants Never Go Away Around Honolulu

In Honolulu, ants are in full gear year-round and ready to take advantage of food, shelter, and water on any property. Landscapes and backyards with debris piles, long grass, and compost piles are attractive to pests of all types. If you have stacks of wood adjacent to your home's exterior or keep your garbage in a container close to the house, ants may consider moving indoors. 

Pests look for convenient and weak points in your home to exploit. Your home's exterior may have small gaps, holes, or cracks where ants can slip through to invade your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

It's wise to have a technician inspect your property and treat your home's exterior. Ants love outdoor dining, accessible garbage, standing water, and drainage problems. Homeowners may discover ants in wet rooms of their home or hanging around plumbing, drains, and moist wood structural elements.

Some ants build nests in wood decks and exterior walls or bore holes in wood structures. Have your home regularly treated and apply products and barriers to deter these pests. Call Able Pest Management for the most effective ant control and to provide preventative maintenance.

Mistakes Honolulu Homeowners Make To Attract Ants

It's impossible to find every gap, hole, or crevice around your property that ants can use to enter your abode. However, scheduling inspections with a technician can help pinpoint problems you must fix. Use pre-treated construction materials in your home and repair wood structures with moisture damage. Apply exclusion throughout your home to bar access to common entry points.

Ants will get inside your home by crawling under doors. These bugs might find a way into your home through gaps around baseboards, holes in walls, or space around plumbing and wires. When you bring in items, ants might hitch a ride in bags or boxes left on the ground.

Be mindful of how you store food, clean dishes, wipe up spills, and clear drains in kitchens and bathrooms. Avoid letting garbage pile up and regularly sweep, vacuum, and dust. Stay on guard and call Able Pest Management to provide residential pest control to stay bug-free.

Signs Of A Serious Ant Infestation

Finding trails of ants in your kitchen, piles of sawdust around structural wood, or mounds of small red stinging ants all over your yard are all indications of a serious ant infestation. If you are serious about stopping ants from entering your home, you need barriers. Install physical barriers around doors, windows, pipes, and walls to keep these bugs out. Have a technician apply aerosols, bait traps, and powders to deter ants.

Have crawl spaces, attics, basements, laundry rooms, and other moist, dark places inspected for ants. If you notice signs of an ant infestation, you probably have openings around the home that need a cover, seal, or filling. Consider wiping down surfaces and cleaning your property with natural products that ants hate.

Make your home uncomfortable for ants by closing off access points. Physically make adjustments to your home and install deterrents. Contact Able Pest Management to provide effective pest control treatments and devise prevention strategies.

How To Stop Ant Problems Before They Become Serious

Homeowners shouldn't have to fight ant infestations without the right products and tools. The best way to get rid of ants on your property is with professional pest management services; schedule an appointment with a technician who can detect and treat ants.

You need dependable pest control if you constantly see ants in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or yard. An infestation of ants won't go away if you don't remove attractants or discourage conducive conditions. Some ants are more dangerous than others, especially if they cause painful bites and stings when threatened.

Get the best defense against pests. Contact Able Pest Management to uncover hidden ant colonies, provide preventative maintenance, and thwart unwanted visitors.

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