What Everyone In Honolulu Ought To Know About Rats

rat in dirty sink

Small problems can quickly grow into big issues, especially when it comes to invasive pests. That’s certainly true of rats, which can be both dangerous and destructive if left unchecked. Because a population can brew for weeks without you knowing, it pays to know how to prevent rat populations and spot the signs of a forming infestation.

Spotting A Rat

Rats are one of the two most common home-invading rodents in the world, the other being their smaller cousin the mouse. Rats have been introduced all over the world thanks to global trade and shipping lines, which brought them to our cluster of islands centuries ago. No matter where you look, rats are thriving off of human activity and waste. It’s this dependent relationship that causes so many properties to become invaded by rats. In case you’ve never had the displeasure of seeing one yourself, here are a few ways to identify a rat:

  • Size: Rats typically grow several inches in length, with some even a full foot long. Don’t confuse growing rats for smaller mice, however. 
  • Color: Norway rats and roof rats can be light or dark gray, as well as brown.
  • Shape: Rats have elongated faces and small ears that are tucked back on their skulls, which is the best way to differentiate them from round-eared mice.

The Problems Caused By Rats

Whether you know what they look like or not, rats can cause a whole lot of problems for your property. You’re less likely to spot rats themselves than you are to spot the signs of their activity. Here are just some of the problems rats can cause in your home:

  • Damage: Rats chew and claw incessantly on household materials and items. They chew to keep their long front teeth filed down to manageable lengths, which results in marks on wood and chewed wires. 
  • Disease: The very presence of vermin in your home can make you sick, and rats specifically are known to carry many potentially dangerous diseases. 
  • Odor: The smells of droppings and urine caused by rat populations aren’t pleasant, especially when they get inside the walls and vents.

Rat Prevention For Your Property

The best way to deal with a problem is to avoid it in the first place, which goes double for pest control. A few rats can quickly grow into an untameable problem, so if you’re taking steps once the signs become apparent, it’s probably already too late. Here are some steps you can take to help make it so they never move in:

  • Food storage: Rats will forage for even tiny crumbs and traces of food, so you need to deep clean for messes and keep stored food in secure areas and sturdy containers. 
  • Trash storage: The same is true of trash, which rats have no qualms about rooting through for food. Maintain lidded and secured bins both inside and outdoors.
  • Declutter: Piles of debris or stacks of materials in the yard or garage can provide rats with areas to nest nearby.

Act Fast For Total Protection

Because rats can be so dangerous to your health and property, it’s wise to play it safe when it comes to protecting your property from them. To do that properly, you really need the assistance of a trained expert. At Able Pest Management, we can give you more tips for spotting and preventing rats, as well as getting started right away on a pest inspection of your property.

Whether professional prevention or elimination is what you require, you can trust us to not only get rid of the problem but also take steps to make sure it never comes back.

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