Everything You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Honolulu

American cockroach in the dark

There is a limit to what items enter and leave the island of Hawaii. This includes certain types of pests, especially ones that might affect crops and produce. However, many invasive creatures are already here, cockroaches included. These local insects love to break into structures here in Honolulu and cause serious trouble for locals. If you do not want to deal with these insects inside your home or business, here are some things you need to consider today. Call our team at Able Pest Management if you would like to hear about our offerings for cockroach pest control in Honolulu. We have everything you need to identify and combat these invasive bugs.

Common Types Of Roaches Found In Honolulu

There is no lack of diversity when it comes to different types of cockroaches in Honolulu. That said, some species are much more common than others. The two most common types of cockroaches in our area are German cockroaches and American cockroaches. German cockroaches are small, brown, or tan, and have two dark, parallel lines located behind their head. American cockroaches are about twice the size of German roaches, are reddish brown, and have a yellow figure-eight pattern behind their head. Sometimes identifying these pests indoors is challenging. If you even suspect you are dealing with an active cockroach infestation, let us help you find out for certain. We will perform a detailed inspection of your property and find out if these pests are causing you trouble. 

Why A Cockroach Infestation Is Considered Dangerous

Cockroaches are not just feared because they look scary. These pests are feared because they pose a real threat to human health. Now, you do not have to worry about a cockroach trying to bite or sting you. No, the problems these pests cause happen behind the scenes. More specifically, cockroaches get people sick by spreading harmful sickness vectors via their droppings and their dirty bodies. Some of the most common diseases you might contract from having these pests on your property are salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, and listeriosis. Another problem that comes with more severe infestations of roaches is asthma attacks and allergic reactions. These respiratory issues become more common as roaches defecate and shed their skins. 

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Cockroaches

We hope that your home or business does not currently have a cockroach problem. This is because if it doesn’t, you still have time to prevent these pests on your own. Here are four methods we recommend to identify and remove factors that attract these pests:

  • Look for and remove discarded food from around your home or business.
  • Check your pet’s food bowl after your furry friend is done eating and clean it out.
  • Store all of your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside air-tight containers.
  • Inspect your property for leaky piping, damaged gutters, and excess humidity. 

For more help with cockroach prevention, turn to our team at Able Pest Management. We have what you need to stop these pests fast and keep them out through every season. 

Professional Cockroach Control Is The Best Solution

The best way to control cockroaches will always be by hiring a reliable home pest control service provider. We work hard at Able Pest Management to stand out above our competition. If you are looking for advanced services to deal with roaches or other pests on your Honolulu property, we are here to help!

Contact us at Able Pest Management to find out how we can help you deal with cockroaches and avoid these pests for good.

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