A Step-By-Step Cockroach Control Guide For Honolulu Property Owners

a cockroach on a spoon next to a cherry tomato

Honolulu is indeed a "paradise" in many areas, but that doesn’t mean the city is without pests. If you find that cockroaches are taking over your property, know that there is help to be found. Check out this cockroach-control guide and you can prevent these pests from ruining your paradise.

Cockroaches in Honolulu

You’re likely to come across one of three species of cockroaches in Honolulu. One of the more startling species is the American cockroach. As one of the largest cockroaches in the area, American roaches are hard to miss. They thrive in the heat and humidity of Hawaii.

Another common type of cockroach is the German cockroach. Typically, these are most common in vacation rentals and restaurants. They’re difficult to eliminate and they tend to be extremely hardy.

Finally, you might see a burrowing cockroach. Also known as a Suriname roach, this species is most frequently seen in yards. But they will make their way inside for food, warmth, or a nesting place. These roaches measure about one inch in length and have stout, shiny bodies.

Are Cockroaches Bad?

Most people don’t want cockroaches in their homes because they are unsightly creatures. However, there are other reasons for not wanting these pests around. Regardless of which species have taken up residence in your home, understand that they put your health is at risk.

Cockroaches search for food in disgusting places. Their leg barbs pick up more than just crumbs of food. As they walk around, their barbs pick up bacteria and pathogens. They can then carry these particles into your home and leave them behind. Your counters and food could be contaminated with cholera, typhoid, salmonellosis, or other disease pathogens. And cockroaches have the potential to cause allergic reactions. At times, they trigger asthma in unsuspecting people. Having cockroaches in your home puts you and your family in danger.

Eliminate Factors That Attract Cockroaches

To prevent cockroaches from moving in with you, be proactive. Eliminate all of the factors that attract cockroaches. Store all of your food in tightly sealed containers. Don’t leave cereal in open boxes or dry goods in containers without lids. If you do, cockroaches will enjoy a free buffet and contaminate your food. Clean up well after all of your meals. Don’t leave crumbs on your floors or counters. Sweep, mop, and vacuum your home frequently to ensure that no leftover food scraps are lying around.

Seal Up Entrances

Even if you clean up after yourself, your home may still be appealing to cockroaches. Keep them out by identifying all points of entry. Check your foundation for cracks and gaps, and look for holes in your screens. Seal up the potential entrances with sealant, screening, or other appropriate materials. Be sure to use the right material for the job or your repair won’t last for long. If you head to your local hardware store, you can get more information on how to repair entry points.

Contact A Professional

You can do this to effectively prevent roaches or as a way of eliminating an infestation. When you see one cockroach, casing, or dropping, it’s time to call in an expert.

Once you find signs of cockroaches in your home, there’s not much that you can do to fix the issue. All of the species of cockroaches are hardy and almost impossible to eliminate using DIY methods. Although you might get rid of a few, you probably won’t be able to eliminate them all. Without the right tools, you’ll only be putting a bandaid on the issue. An experienced professional has the knowledge, training, and resources needed to tackle cockroach infestations. Contact Able Pest Management today for more advice or assistance.

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