All The Ways You Attract Mosquitoes Around Honolulu

mosquito biting human skin

While many common pests are foragers that will contaminate food sources, others, like mosquitoes, are parasites that feed directly off of people. Mosquitoes are just as common, even more so than many of the other invasive pests that come to mind, but they are far more dangerous than nuisance foragers. Mosquitoes pose direct harm to your health and property, so learning how to properly protect yourself is a serious matter. 

Mosquitoes At A Glance

Unlike other parasitic pests like ticks and fleas, mosquitoes can fly. This allows them to migrate and swarm to areas where animals, even humans, are nearby to feed off of. With their long, needle-like noses, mosquitoes can puncture through the skin in order to suck out the nutrients carried in our blood. It’s this behavior that makes mosquitoes one of the most dangerous pests on the planet. They are well-known for their ability to spread dangerous diseases, especially since they can transmit viruses directly from one bloodstream to another. World health organizations even track mosquito populations through pandemic areas in order to better trace the spread of dangerous illnesses. Even if they aren’t spreading harmful pathogens, mosquito bites result in itchy welts that linger long after they’ve moved on to feed on someone else.

Mosquitoes Target Everyone

While just about everyone has experienced their uncomfortable bites, not many people know exactly what mosquitoes are looking for in terms of a blood meal. These flying parasites may target everything with a pulse, but there are certain factors that attract them in even greater numbers:

  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women produce more carbon dioxide in their blood and just generally have a higher body temperature. Both of these factors make mosquitoes prone to biting pregnant women more often. 
  • Blood type: You may be aware already that type O blood is universal, meaning anyone can receive it. This trait also makes mosquitoes more likely to attack type O blood, however.
  • Alcohol: Intoxication leads to heightened blood pressure and body temperature, both of which attract mosquitoes. 

How To Avoid Mosquitoes

Some of the factors that attract mosquitoes are more controllable than others. While preparing accordingly can give you a leg up on avoiding mosquitoes, it’s important to address as many factors as possible that might attract mosquitoes. Here are some other things to think about when it comes to preventing bites: 

  • Moisture: Mosquitoes must lay their eggs in puddles or pools of moisture, making them especially attracted to humid areas. Avoid waterfronts where insects like to hang out and ensure you have proper ventilation in certain rooms of your property, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Daytime feeders: Mosquitoes tend to feed during daytime hours, with many species most active during the middle of the day. However, many mosquitoes feed at dawn or dusk, when they don’t need to find shade from the sun and can still find easy access to people gathering outdoors.
  • Light clothing: Dark colors hold in more heat from the sun’s rays, so it’s important to wear lighter-colored clothing to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Superior Mosquito Control From Able Pest Management

Because they are so common and so dangerous, it’s important to address mosquito problems before they grow out of control. The moment you notice a problem on your property, even if you just want a peace-of-mind inspection, turn to the pest professionals right away. At Able Pest Management, we know how to protect properties from invasive mosquitoes and drive existing populations away. Not only can we remove pests from your yard, but we also provide solutions that will prevent future outbreaks so you never have to worry again. 

Don’t risk exposing yourself to hazardous mosquitoes, contact Able Pest Management right away. 

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